Many women suffer from urinary stress incontinence, and until now, no satisfying solution was found. We took on the challenge, and have developed a new medical device, which we expect will soon help thousands of women in their everyday life. 

2016-39 flad asembly.jpg

Our solution is a disposable medical device, consisting of a very soft, gentle silicone tube, that the user herself inserts in the urethra each morning. The tube stays in place all day, and has an inner valve, which provides the user a full control over when her bladder is voided. She removes and discards the tube in the evening, before going to bed.

Two groups of users have tested this device in two series of hospital clinical trials. Doctors conclude, that our device is safe, efficient and comfortable, and the user approval is high. 

We aim to have CE-mark and FDA approval in 2019, so that our product gets available for users in 2020. 

Our design is protected by to patent families, issued/granted in EU, USA and China.