We now bid interested investors welcome to the upcoming emission of shares. A total of EUR 200.000 will be raised by the end of 2018, at a minimum ticket size of EUR 20.000. 

Business angels are welcome!

At present, the company's owners and investors are the four founders and two of the board members. 

The capital raised, will be invested in a long term clinical study, providing hard facts for quantifying the number of expected users. See more under the "Clinical" headline.

We have good results from clinical trials where both doctors and users are very happy about our solution. Doctors' conclusions are that our product is safe, efficient and user-friendly. Our patents are solid and we know how to manufacture in a cost-efficient way. An understanding of market traction is therefore the single most important remaining knowledge to gather.

Please contact Mr. Niels Erikstrup, ne@magcath.com, +45 20605570, for further information.

We shall be happy to send you an investor pitch deck

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